Project C2

Vegetation dynamics in the Palaeogene and Late Cretaceous: feedback on climate and habitats for mammals

Julia Brugger (Postdoc)

Principal Investigators: Thomas Hickler, Susanne Fritz (Senckenberg), Bodo Ahrens, Silke Voigt (Goethe University Frankfurt)

This project aims to draw conclusions about changes in precipitation distribution in warm climate states by comparing simulated vegetation and paleobotanical data. To do this, the LPJ-GUESS dynamic global vegetation model will be driven by climate simulations from the DeepMIP project for the early Eocene. The results could also inform how well global coupled climate models can simulate future precipitation changes.

In addition, a more detailed dynamic global vegetation model (LPJ-GUESS) should be used to simulate climate-driven changes in vegetation composition and structure to investigate habitat changes for mammals and other organism groups at the World Heritage site “Grube Messel” and in North America (with projects B1-B3). B-projects will also provide forcing data derived from geological proxies. The vegetation modelling will be facilitated by other members of the LPJ-GUESS development group.