19th November 2020: All VeWA PhD and postdoctoral positions are now filled!

20th March 2020: Application deadlines have passed

The deadline for the VeWA PhD and postdoctoral positions has now passed, with the exception of a postdoc position in science communication and outreach (project C3), to be advertised in late 2020.

Thank you very much to everyone that applied, we'll be in touch with all applicants in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please contact with any queries relating to the project.

12th February 2020: We're recruiting!

As part of VeWA, eight PhD projects and four postdoctoral opportunities will become available (planned start date late May/early June 2020) in the broad area of late Cretaceous/Paleogene palaeoceanography, palaeoclimatology, and biosphere reconstruction, including marine and terrestrial focused data-driven projects, climate modelling, and outreach. Details of the individual projects are given below.

Project group A - Marine palaeoclimate/palaeoenvironment: Data-driven projects with a focus on palaeoceanic and palaeoclimate reconstruction using novel and traditional geochemical proxies in marine carbonate archives

Project group B - Terrestrial palaeoclimate/palaeoenviornment: Data projects utilising carbonate and phosphate geochemistry, and sedimentology for Paleogene climate reconstruction and climate-mammal interaction

Project group C - Modelling and Outreach: Cretaceous and Paleogene climate and vegetation modelling, and a dedicated outreach iniative

Application deadlines from 2nd March 2020 onwards

Start date 1st May 2020 or soon thereafter