Project C1

Processes of latitude dependent temperature variability in a hyperthermal world

Supervised by:

Bodo Ahrens, David Evans, Jens Fiebig (Goethe University Frankfurt), Thomas Hickler (Senckenberg)

Postdoc in Palaeoclimate Modeling

Climate proxy data for the Paleogene (>35 million years ago, >2x[CO2]) indicate a significantly smaller latitudinal temperature gradient in the temperate zones than today. There is a lack of proxy data in the polar regions. The project C1 will contribute to improve the understanding of the energy transport processes in the paleoclimate system. In addition, it aims at better understanding of polar amplification in an ice-free world and of changes in mid-latitude atmospheric circulation. Methodologically, this project will rely on sensitivity studies and inverse modelling using a global climate system model.

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