Project B2

Continental Palaeoclimate and Biodiversity Evolution

Niels Meijer (Postdoc)

Principal Investigators: Susanne Fritz, Andreas Mulch, Thomas Hickler (Senckenberg), Katharina Methner (Stanford), Jens Fiebig (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Project B2 aims at understanding the interaction of paleoclimate and paleobiodiversity dynamics through time. We plan to reconstruct paleoclimate (temperature, precipitation and its seasonality) by using state-of-the-art stable isotope tools (e.g. clumped isotope and stable isotope geochemistry). Paleoclimate reconstructions will be coupled with dynamic vegetation models (subproject C2) and with inferred dynamics of taxonomic and functional diversity of local mammal faunas. International collaboration partners are hosted at Stanford University (USA).



Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironment Dynamics (Prof. Andreas Mulch):

Geobiodiversity Research (Prof. Susanne Fritz):