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Podcast Erdfrequenz (Earth Frequency) #15 with Dr. Julia Brugger

Code, data, proxies: How climate models are created

The North Pole is greening, the Arctic is riddled with swamps, and mass extinctions are taking place in the oceans: This is not a forecast for the near future, but a look back at a climate change 56 million years ago. This climate change during the so-called “Paleocene/Eocene temperature maximum” happened insanely fast and is therefore incredibly interesting for our situation today, especially for researchers like Dr. Julia Brugger who work with climate models. But how are such models created? How accurate are they? And what would have to happen to better link global climate research and make it even more effective? We talk about this in the new episode of “Earth Frequency” with the climate physicist, whose work will soon also be on display in the special exhibition “Understanding Climate”.

Listen to the podcast here! (This podcast is only available in German)

In summer 2021, we participated in the ProLOEWE science rally with our VeWA project.
With a quiz film, we not only presented an exciting puzzle, but also our research project.
Although the holiday puzzle is over and the winners have been drawn, anyone interested is still welcome to watch the VeWA film and solve puzzle. By the way, you can find the solution film right below (The films are only available in German!).