August 2021: ProLOEWE science rally (The science rally is only available in German!)

Fancy some exciting science puzzles? Now is your chance!
On August 2nd, the ProLOEWE Science Rally starts with a big summer holiday puzzle for all science fans! And we’re in!!!
Children and young people from the age of ten can participate – and the whole family is welcome to join in.
In 21 stages, there will be a new video every day with a puzzle to solve. In the 21 puzzle videos, LOEWE scientists show the exciting and diverse world of their research. Whether experimenting, painting, crafting or discovering previously unknown things in nature, the puzzles are diverse!
Our VeWA puzzle video goes online on the 14th of August 2021!
There are great prizes to be won with every puzzle video – and those who manage to solve all the tasks correctly will be entered into the final draw for one of the three main prizes.
On September 21st, the solutions will be published as shortfilms on and the winners will be informed.
It is not necessary to register for the competitions: simply watch the puzzle film(s) from August 2nd onwards and take part!

Click here for the ProLOEWE Science Rally!
Enjoy the puzzles!