Lecture Invitation for Goldschmidt Conference

Congratulations to Amelia Davies!
Amelia has been invited to give a talk at the upcoming Goldschmidt Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii from 10-15 July 2022!
The Goldschmidt Conference is a major meeting in geochemistry.

The Storytellers of the Oceans

What can we learn about climate change from tiny organisms in the oceans? Quite a lot!
For those who want to learn more about climate research and become fascinated by microscopic organisms, this beautifully written article by Rosie Sheward is highly recommended:
Microscopic phytoplankton are storytellers of our oceans under climate change“.
(Methods Blog – Official Blog of Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 4th November 2021)!

Questions & Answers from the ProLOEWE Science Rally

In summer 2021, we participated in the ProLOEWE science rally with our VeWA project.
The summer holiday puzzle is over and the winners have been drawn, but anyone who is interested is still welcome to solve the VeWA puzzle from the film here. The solution film can be found below (The films are only available in German!).