Project A1

Reliable sea surface temperatures and latitudinal temperature gradients for determining late Cretaceous and Paleogene polar amplification

Amelia Davies (Postdoc)

Principal Investigators: Jens Fiebig, Bodo Ahrens, David Evans (Goethe University Frankfurt), Gerald Haug (Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz)

Current constraints on the early Eocene latitudinal SST gradient [Evans et al., 2018, PNAS].

I, Amelia Davies, work on carbonate clumped isotope thermometry. Our

project specifically focuses on using the novel dual (∆47 -∆48)

carbonate clumped isotope technique to reconstruct paleotemperature

and palaeolatitudinal temperature gradients across periods of

contrasting atmospheric pCO2. Dual carbonate clumped isotope

thermometry allows us to identify and potentially correct for

kinetically mediated disequilibrium in clumped isotopic composition

facilitating more robust paleotemperature reconstruction across a wide

range of fossil carbonates.