Project A4

Diversity and frequency of calcifying phytoplankton under different CO2 levels

Supervised by:

Jens Herrle, Rosie Sheward, Christina Gebühr (Goethe University Frankfurt), Susanne Fritz (Senckenberg Biodiversity & Climate Research Centre)

PhD student in Micropaleontology

The project focuses on the diversity and abundances of calcifying phytoplankton under different atmospheric CO2 conditions during Cretaceous and Palaeogene times. The goal is to assess the impact of global high and low CO2 conditions on the evolution of Coccolithophore communities, speciation and extinction events, abundances, and carbonate flux rates. Methodologically, this encompasses calcareous nannoplankton taxonomy and state of the art polarizing- and scanning electron microscopic techniques and guided culture studies. International project partners include institutions from Canada (University of Toronto) and Germany (MARUM, University of Bremen).

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